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Be prepared to experience energy which is far from "subtle".

This group supports the training and development of practitioners wishing to experience the powerful art forms of Motoki. Although Motoki covers numerous arts, including healing work, intuitive skills, intimacy/connection methods, and martial arts, this group will focus on the non-combative aspects of this training (for safety reasons). This includes healing methods as well as energy-based personal safety.

The healing methods are most beneficial to individuals who specialize in Reiki, bodywork, massage, yoga, or general hands-on healing. The self defense tactics and practices are valuable to everyone.

Introductory events will provide groundwork eventually leading to formalized training if desired (see below). For MotoKi healing methods, additional events will be provided for those who have completed the training, giving them an opportunity to practice their skills. Here you will feel the undeniable effects which take healing work to a whole new level.

We offer this to the young, and not so young, as long as you are 18 or older.

Healing With Earth-Based Energy

Anyone familiar with the different healing modalities available today has come to know Reiki, literally translated as "Universal Energy." It is believed that everything is made up of energy. The practice of directing ethereal-based (spiritual) energy by using your own energy and intent can result in finding equilibrium and improved health.

Ancient practices in directing energy were more earth-based, and considered power-forms. They were far from subtle, and with the proper direction could affect significant change in others. In combat, the results were significant, and deadly. In the healing arts they were direct and extremely beneficial, assuming their invasive nature was balanced with strong ethics or divine guidance.

Moto-Ki is a more modern form of the ancient practices. The literal translation of "Moto" is "base", "foundation", "the cause", or "origin". Moto-Ki is the art of using a strong connection to ground to bring up powerful earth energy and project it. Originally it was feared to be too powerful. Once it was blended with universal energy practices the added spiritual connection provided a stronger level of safety and ethical behavior.

Energy-Based Self Defense

In personal safety there is always both a physical/tactical side as well as an energy side. Sessions within this Meetup group will not only cover basic approaches to keep you safe but also include methods to shift your energy so you are not perceived as a potential target. The best forms of self defense available are based on the concept of "Don't get chosen".

For safety reasons, physical activities will be limited. On the other hand, using the forceful side of MotoKi can significantly enhance any practice you are currently using/studying. You will get a first-hand experience of just how powerful you can be. This, combined with enhance perception skills, greatly improve your chances of avoiding conflict.

For the practitioners who are more metaphysically oriented, and wish to learn better shielding/protecting methods, we offer a unique approach. Through advanced grounding and power techniques we promote constant outward flow of energy (gently), which naturally deflects anything coming in to harm you. It's easier and, unlike shielding, takes no effort.

Achieve Success Much More Quickly

The experiences of learning Moto-Ki are quite different from those of the softer arts. Ethereal practices are more spiritual to start, and gently approach the practical application over time, eventually providing a physical experience of the result. Earth-based energy flow starts with a very physical connection, immediate and direct. Introduced initially through [non-combative] martial practices, students see the effects as strong, tangible, and undeniable. From there they work "upward", blending it with more universal/spiritual energy.

The process of learning Moto-Ki is also quite different. The ability to ground and then perceive and direct energy is an innate skill. You were born with it. You will not be told how. You will be prompted to remember.

Those who embrace a more scientific view of reality find this to be a more comfortable initiation into the world of energy work. At the same time, experts in ethereal energy forms (Reiki, Qigong, Quantum Touch) find that anchoring their current abilities to earth greatly intensify their effect.

Martial arts practitioners can re-discover their art form origins - the energy techniques that were often discarded (for various reasons). Whatever your modality, there is an energy component you have not seen yet. This can be an amazing awakening for most.

Martial arts masters, especially those who specialize in more brutal/combative forms, find the healing methods quite useful in resolving on-site injuries.

For additional information on Moto-Ki, please visit the MotoKi Association website: http://www.moto-ki.org

Formalized Training in Healing Methods

Training sessions will be offered periodically for those wishing certification in Moto-Ki Level 1 or 2. Unlike the practice events, these will be registered training and offered for a fee. For more information regarding content and costs, please locate the section on "Public Courses" in the following document:

Training schedules will be published to this Meetup group as they become available.

About The Facilitator

Brian Rainie has achieved master level in both Martial Arts and Healing Arts. He received a California Teaching Credential for Adult Education, taught classes in the corporate environment for 20+ years, focuses on methods that honor each student’s unique learning style, and believes classroom safety is the number 1 priority. Regarding energy work, he has 45+ years experience and has been actively teaching for over 30 years. He is on the board of directors of both the Han Moo Kwan Association as well as the Moto-Ki Association. He is a certified Reiki master, as well as holding ranks in multiple martial art forms. His specialty is energy-based methods based on power (MotoKi). Your experience of his techniques will be anything but "subtle". His desire is to provide training to the more logical/practical individual, an audience which is often ignored.

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MotoKi Open Practice Session for Certified Practitioners

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