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MoTown in Hollywood -

The Motor City School of AI is now in the City of Angels -

It has been a tumultuous year - The short version we held 6 meetups, weekly classes and participated in 1 Hackathon whilst in Detroit that 1st year - Organizationally, the School of AI ending up replacing it's Director and renewing our commitment to a world class education to Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence for ALL - For Free.

When we first began the Motor City School of AI, we were all over the place - We had people that hadn't used Windows 95 in the same room as those designing the next generation of autonomous vehicles.

Along the way, we found our "sweet spot" - Which was grade school through high school kids.

Those classes were our sneaky attempt to make math Fun - And Fun they were!

So that is the curriculum we will be pursuing going forward in our new home in the Los Angeles area.

We start off by learning some basic Python syntax - Leaning heavily on the work of Al Sweigart (https://www.udemy.com/user/al-sweigart/)

we Automate the Boring Stuff and make our own video games. THEN, we introduce concepts/tools from ML/AI so that the computers play the games themselves (and get better at doing so)

We look forward to serving the Greater Los Angeles area

OLD Description:

Open to all those who wish to learn. Come to learn, or to teach others about the most important field of our time. We are a learning community that spans almost every country in the world dedicated to teaching our students how to make a positive impact in the world using AI technology.
Inspired by Siraj Raval ( http://www.sirajraval.com/ )

Let's show the world AI - with a Motor City spin.

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"...the combined revenue of Detroit's "Big 3" silicon valley (GM, Ford, and Chrysler) in 1990 were almost identical to those of Silicon Valley's 'Big 3" (google, Apple, Facebook) in 2014, the latter had nine times fewer employees and were worth thirty times more on the stock market."

- Max Tegmark Life 3.0

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