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Hello adventurers, vagabonds, explorers and seekers,

Are you up for creating exciting lifelong memories and stories together?

I'm organizing a motorcycle road trip from Los Angeles all the way down to
Cabo Pulmo National Park in Baja California.

The dates and trip length are tentative!

Please let me know if you're interested and let's get together to discuss the details and make arrangements.

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2,300 Miles Road Trip from LA to Cabo Pulmo National Park (Baja California Sur)

I'm organizing a group motorcycle camping road trip/adventure from Los Angeles to Cabo Pulmo National Park in Baja California Sur in Mexico. A total of about 2,300 miles round trip. I'm expecting the trip to last around 10 days in total as it's not about the final destination, instead all about the adventures, stories and lifelong memories we'll create along the journey. Covering no more than 300 miles per day will allow us to take time and to explore everything interesting we come across as well as the authentic Mexican culture, cuisine and hospitality. As of right now all of the details about the trip are tentative and everything's flexible, there is no rigid idea, mindset or way it should be done as long as the focus remains on the process aka the journey itself. I'm open to everyone's ideas, suggestions and demands as long as they are reasonable. Let's imagine what a dream road trip to Mexico looks like and manifest it into an unforgettable adventure on two wheels. The only thing to keep in mind is that we'll stick to paved roads and avoid dirt roads as much as possible.

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