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Women’s Mountain Bike Skills Clinic :: Basics

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Have you reached a level in your mountain biking where you’re riding the same old trails in the same old way? Or, perhaps you're new to mountain biking and just need a boost in your riding confidence and basic skills? Join us to learn in an nonjudgmental setting with an encouraging group of your peers.

Our women’s only mountain bike skills clinics teach you the same important lessons as our co-ed skills clinics in a supportive, un-intimidating manner. These clinics prove to be advantageous as they allow participants to test their limits without any unnecessary pressure.

Our Women's only mountain bike skills clinic will help you improve every aspect of your trail riding. Take the next step and sign up for an upcoming clinic.

Find out how to control your fear and stay relaxed; to walk the line between fight and flight. Learn to float over roots and rocks like they aren’t there, attack corner after corner without dabbing the brakes and find your flow.

"Great clinic. I learned really useful skills... I'm ready for another clinic with more challenging terrain." ~Bea (

What to expect from your course:

Our highly experienced coaches use the very latest coaching techniques to help you get the most out of your course.

We use a progressive approach to skills building to ensure that each new skill is perfected before we add the next level of complexity. Feedback is given on a group and individual basis by your coach who may, where appropriate, utilize video coaching for more effective analysis of your riding style.

We usually run courses with small groups of students with a ratio of 3-6 riders to each coach; although some more advanced courses and workshops are restricted to a maximum of four or five students per coach.

So whether you're interested in just keeping up with your mates, riding competitively or getting out for epic adventures, we have the skills to get you riding faster, safer and with more confidence.

"Thanks Richard for this awesome clinic. Went back to basic fundamentals and through the repetitiveness of each section, it helped build confidence & speed! More drops please! ha! ha! Had fun at the same time and a great workout! I definitely recommend and will do again!" ~Robbyn E. (

At the end of your course you will receive:

Personalized Feedback
to remind you of your performance on your course An Action Plan
to help you consolidate your new skills and progress your mountain biking into the future 30 Days Free Support
if you have any questions about what you’ve learned or need any other advice

"Wow Richard, just came off a great ride today, applying what you taught me yesterday. I experienced such a shift in tackling those downhill curves, I am so excited! Thanks to your knowledge, and succinct list of things to think about while taking in those (previously scary) downhill curves, my downhill experience today was full of amazement and joy... not terror. I've always thought my bike was a bit of a thoroughbred, not at all like the old slow and stable quarter horse of a bike that I used to ride. But, rather than allowing my new bike go like it wanted to, I kept holding it back, loosing my balance and going over. What a thrill to just use the skills you showed me to let that bike do what it wants to do- it just feels like its flying down those hills, and all I need to do is stay in my COG and lean with the bike, not holding it back from what it was "bred" to do. Here is a QOM that really brings me great pride (oh, yea, finally - a DH!!!!!) - I would never have gotten it without your help - thank you so much Richard; your knowledge, and your ability to explain in a way I could easily understand is deeply appreciated." ~Laura B. (

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