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Interested in riding mountain bikes with a small group of silly old guys?

We’re a small group of guys over the age of 50 that have been riding mountain bikes for a long time.
We started like everyone else with the easy trail, and gradually move up to the more technical and fast downhill trails. But now that we’re older and have had our share of crashes, bruises and broken bones, we’ve slowed down a little bit but we still love to ride.
We ride pretty much every Sunday 8:30 am for couple hours or so, maybe 10 miles give or take and we usually ride on the Peninsula side of the Bay Area mainly because that’s where most of us live. We ride trails anywhere from Purisima Creek to Peter’s Creek and occasionally we’ll ride other places like the south bay, east bay and sometimes weekend trips out of the area like Tahoe, Downieville or wherever.
These are kind of intermediate level rides. Not too hard but not too easy.
Some of us ride a little faster than others but we make regular short stops and wait for everyone to catch up and b.s. for a few minutes, hydrate then ride on.

We’re putting out an invite to anyone who wants to join us. Any age welcome, guys and girls, just bring a mountain bike, a helmet, a good attitude and just enjoy the ride. I will post the Sunday ride destination on Saturday or sooner.

Past events (102)

Thursday - Apline Rd to Monte Bello

Alpine Road Trailhead

Peter's Creek Trail Ride.

Long Ridge Open Space Preserve Peter's Creek Trail Head

Thursday - Water Dog Lake in Belmont

Water Dog Lake Park

Pacifica - Thursday ride

Adobe Drive

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