After work ride: starting at CONESTEE PARK 840 Mauldin Rd)

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Conestee Nature Park

840 Mauldin Road · Greenville, SC

How to find us

Park on the uphill side near the pavilion and bathrooms. Black Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Starting at the Stadium Park entrance to Conestee Park. 840 Mauldin Rd. (Conestee Park (

Mountain Bike Lights are required!

If you don't have lights yet, check out the discussion pages for information. You can get a set of lights for under $50. Lights should be 600 lumens or more each. Ideally one for your helmet, one for your handlebar.

Beginner riders can join the fun too.

Week day rides are for all Levels of mountain bikers. It is important that when on the trail, each rider look out for the person behind them, making sure that no one gets left behind by missing a turn.

So come out for a good ride during the week to keep those lungs and legs in shape. If you haven't ridden much, that's fine too. We will ride at a pace where everyone can participate. We wait at turns, and regroup at various points.

The ride will last about 1.5 to 2.0 hours depending on who attends. The full ride can be 10 miles or more, but the ride level/speed/distance will be set to accommodate everyone. No One gets left behind.

Required Equipment: Helmet, Bike, Water, Lights

Suggested Equipment: Gloves, Eye Protection, Spare Tube, Pump and/or CO2

Please be advised that mountain biking can sometimes be a dangerous sport and you are solely responsible for your own safety.

Note from the park director:

LCNP is a wildlife refuge, and it is important to stay on trails and minimize the disturbance (quiet and slow and safe).

The trails that are off-limits to bikes at all times are:

Spring Lizard Link Heron Circle (beyond the bikestiles),

Raccoon Run (north of the bridge), All boardwalks and bridges are walk the bike rules (historically 100% of our reported injury accidents have been bikers on boardwalks)

All biking activities are at your own risk.

Please encourage your friends to send us a charitable contribution so we can maintain the park and continue improvements !

Donations can made at:

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