Shamanic Sound Journey


A guided shamanic journey using a variety of sounds. Experience healing at the level of soul, through sacred sound and guided journeying.


The class will begin with introductions, opening sacred space and a ten-minute sitting meditation. There will be a brief overview of what journeying is, who can journey (spoiler alert- it’s everyone, everyone can journey… it’s a learned skill, like riding a bike or tying your shoes. You are capable of accessing the zero-point field because you are the zero-point field.)
We will cover what you may expect (another spoiler- anything, you can expect just about anything in a journey. The only limitation in journeying is that darn mental chatter.)
Lastly, we will discuss intention and purpose before settling in to the journey. After returning to our more consensual reality, you will have an opportunity to jot down notes from your journey and share some of your experience with the group, if you desire.

Please bring with you, if you would like to have:

water bottle
journal & pen
any items that you feel called to bring

A bit about Shamanic Sound Journeying:
A shamanic sound journey is a guided journey utilizing a variety of sounds and subtle energy movement to illuminate, engage, shift and heal unconscious material that creates disease and distress. The intentional use of sound expands awareness and shifts perception to unveil what was unseen and inaccessible from the orientation of ordinary reality.

Learn, experience, shift and heal with shamanic sound journeying!

Class is facilitated by Lora Patrick, shamanic practitioner and founder of Mountain Sky Healing, in Portland, OR.