What we're about

Why I started this group

I found mindfulness meditation to be a valuable tool to keep my mind and body in balance, creating a calm and peaceful internal environment regardless of what is happening at the moment in my life. Mindfulness meditation helped me learn to pay attention to thought patterns so that I could take control of creating joy and peace in my life. Mindfulness teaches me to live fully in the moment - accepting and enjoying the only time we truly have.

I started this group to gather those who are interested in pursing this path to achieve this blissful state.

Why meditate for emotional well being?

Our everyday lives are filled with activities that can cause stress. They can range from challenges at work, lack of time, discord with friends, family and significant others, financial problems, health issues etc. Seeking for an immediate solution to our problems can overwhelm us. Meditation can help find the path to a positive solution.

Through the practice of meditation, we learn to take small steps everyday that are manageable and can encourage us to keep going, stay positive regardless of our external environment.

How you can get started

Now is a great time to start the practice of meditation. Take the first small step towards creating your own emotional well being by joining this group.

We will meet weekly at the Palo Alto Jewish Community Center (JCC) or at office of Julie Scott Nutrition, which is across the street from the JCC. Please join this group and receive notifications on our next group meeting. If you have suggestions, please email me through this meet-up.

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