What we're about

We are an already established book club that is actively seeking new members. We have been meeting for the past 5 years with a core group of members. Unfortunately, over time a few members have moved city, state or even to the other side of the world!

We are named WATATB Book Club - We Always Talk About The Book. We enjoy our book discussion but do enter in to more broader conversations.

We meet once a month in or near Mountain View.
Ground rules:
1) We rotate hosting.
2) The person who hosts is responsible for food and drinks (everything from wine and cheese to dinner)
3) The host coordinates choosing the book within 5 days of the last meeting - this can be by dictate, or by vote.
4) You don't have to have finished the book, but if you haven't, be aware that we do not use spoiler alerts.

1) Can you host a meeting within 5 miles of downtown Mountain View? (Castro and Central Expressway)

2) What was your favorite book from 2019?

3) What books are in your "to read" pile? Choose top 3-5.

4) What is your motivation for joining a book club?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Upcoming events

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