Move, Stretch, and Rest to Elevate Life Force

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Explore gentle ways to free up the flow of life force in your body, mind, heart and soul in this creative, guided movement and relaxation experience that draws from the ancient wisdom practices of Chi Gong, Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.

When you start the week well by banishing stress and elevating joy, you set yourself up for success in all areas of life.

We move in out-of-the-ordinary ways in order to release tension and free up life force energy. Find center. Align with what's important. Learn ways to turn off the external noises for the time being. Tap in, and tune up your inner wisdom in a fun, flowing, and creative way. And then rest... deeply, while guided on a journey of transformation through a 20-30 minute yoga nidra experience.

Why? In order to...

* Drop awareness out of the mind, and into the body to soothe and calm.

* Cultivate energy while moving and flowing in gentle ways to relieve and reset.

* Enjoy a guided relaxation experience that de-stresses the nervous system. As a result, you may sleep better at night, digest better, cultivate greater focus at work and play, and enjoy more harmonious relationships with loved ones and colleagues.

The process:

* Arrive. Be guided through gentle movements to align and release.
* Rest deeply on your back while guided through a restorative relaxation practice that delights and renews on the most profound level.
* Leave feeling better than when you arrived.

Arrive feeling scattered and harried. Leave feeling rested, restored, and all set to gracefully tackle any challenge life throws your way! Practice with us weekly, and you'll be on your way to reclaiming, maintaining, or elevating overall wellbeing.

Suitable for all levels of ability.

** Regular practice may help reduce pain and inflammation in the body, soothe the mental and emotional parts of your being, and lead to better sleep.

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Class cost - $15.

Cash or check accepted at the door, or pay online.