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I'd like to organize some hike-in fly fishing trips to mountain streams, mostly in north Georgia, western North Carolina, or Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Some trips will be single-day, some (especially those further from Atlanta) two or more days with backpacking or car camping. Group sizes will be limited depending on the size of the stream. If you just want to come along to hike and camp along some beautiful mountain streams (and not fish), that's fine too.

Fly fishing experience is not required, as I'm happy to teach, but please be sure you're comfortable wading around slippery rocks in moving water. I do have a couple of extra rods that I'm willing to lend. Waders aren't usually necessary, but neoprene socks (something like this: https://amzn.to/2y5EJNs ) are often a good idea, and some form of eye protection is mandatory (you don't want a hook in the eye). You DO need to have the appropriate fishing license for whichever state we'll be in.

By the way, I don't usually keep fish. Not that I think eating fish is bad, but catching stockers in the Hooch and bluelining for brookies are very different situations. I usually fish for wild or even native trout in small streams, and I don't want to add pressure to trout populations in Georgia's often marginal habitat. I might make an exception if a fish is injured or otherwise unlikely to survive, but for the most part if you come with me I'd prefer that you keep 'em wet and let 'em go.

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