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Trad Rock Climbing: Cannon Mountain (Multiple Pitch)


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Trad Rock Climbing: Cannon Mountain (Multiple Pitch)

The Team's: Everyone Gets Wait Listed..!
As always the size of the Meetup is based on how many people the area can handle & the number of lead climbers who RSVP for the Meetup....!
For each lead climber we need one experienced belayer and then we can add one newbie climber/Follower.
Its always the understanding that the "Newbie/Follower" as at a minimum has climbed indoors and has knowledge of the climbing knots and all the gear required & that the Belayer is willing to show that Newbie the how too clean gear and climb past challenges on the route. Both the leader and the Belayer assist the Newbie/Follower and keep a eye out for their lack of knowledge.
Sign up... First to RSVP is the first to fill a opening based on experience needed.
Don't forget no helmet no climbing!!! Period...
Description: Weather Permitting....!
Cannon Mountain or Cannon Cliff Area is a lot like El Capitan in Yosemite, the defining feature of the mountain is really not so much a peak but a wall - the Cannon Cliff.
The Cannon Cliff (also the site of the famous profile called the Old Man of the Mountain, visible from across Franconia Notch which is now gone. 2003) - offers a full thousand feet in height and about a mile long it's the largest vertical face in the Northeast and a classic destination for alpine climbing, both in winter and summer. In the summer the wall abounds with alpine rock routes of fantastic quality, ranging from moderate free routes like Lakeview (5.5) and Whitney-Gilman Ridge (5.7) to hard aid. There are also classic hard free climbs such as the VMC direct (5.11). Some of the aid lines are long and difficult enough to require a bivy, making Cannon the only Big Wall in the northeast.
The nature of the climbing at Cannon is different than other New England locations. Because on average the level of the Cannon climbers is higher than most, the grades tend to reflect this also the rock caricature make for interest.. Some people will say they are sandbagged. For instance, it is unclear how the finish to Lakeview ever got the rating of 5.5, considering it is considerably harder than many 5.7 routes at Cathedral Ledge.
In addition, many of the routes are much less well defined than in other areas, with many variations possible and good route finding skills are required. These things, plus the length of the routes and the risk of rockfall make Cannon climbing a more serious undertaking than other routes of comparable grade in New England, which to many adds to its attraction.
In addition, Franconia Notch (the narrow glacier-cut valley which Cannon faces) is known for the variety of its weather. It is often bad even when it's good elsewhere, and if it's bad elsewhere than it's downright horrendous in the Notch. This must also be considered when climbing on Cannon, both in winter and in summer.

Climbing Guide Book Of Area: You will need!!!
Secrets of the notch - A guide to climbing cannon cliff and the crags of Franconia Notch By Jon Sykes 2008
Climbing Team List Remember each team will be independent on the mountain.
Link: Climbing Teams

Questions at RSVP:
If you don’t fill out the questions at RSVP, I Cannot place you on a climbing team. Those questions are important to understand about your skills. But also to get your cell number in case of last minute changes if you need to be notified last second.
How to change your or update and fill out you questions.
“Click” RSVP
“Click” Yes
“Click” RSVP
Next screen you will see 6 questions pop up. “Answer Them” in the box’s provided.
“Click” Submit then your all done thank you..

On top of a helmet to climb.
1- Lead Climber w/Full rock rack up to 3" & extra 24" loop slings
Be-layer and Follower should at a minimum have the basics. If you don't have any of the basic's it could mean you will not be able to join in on this Meetup. While still standing in the parking lot.
This is alpine don't forget a light hat and wind breaker in your pack.
For more info:
Look to the gear list listed at our group page.
Click "More"
Click "Files"
Click "Gear List - Rock Climbing (Follower)
Once on top. On the left side WG and south. Walk straight up into the woods on a well worn trail. The trail heads left and downhill. After a considerable amount of walking, you will reach the bike path. Moby Grape area and north head up till you find a faint trail head north and you will walk over the former location of the old man of the mountain and the trail descends down from there north to the parking lot area. If you repel the route head back to the base of the WG and descend the approach trail to the bike path and back north to the parking lot.
Getting There:
Cannon Mountain Ski Area Gondola we will be in the parking lot on the left side as you enter....
Additional Trip Planning & Research:

Waiver: Read !!!
Be Warned!
Mountaineering, Skiing – Alpine or Back Country, Rock & Ice Climbing by its very nature is an extremely hazardous activity.
Falling off any part of a climbing route or bouldering challenge or other associated activity's, hiking or backpacking to a destination could result in injury or death. Weather, it be Trail conditions, or be it a slip on a trail or falling objects like rocks, climbing gear or tree’s from above, or avalanche can all incur injuries’ and/or death. You are always attending at your own risk!
Any information on this Meetup group page is for the basic understanding of what could be encountered. We do not guaranty any type of accuracy on this information. You should always, seek your own additional resources of information for any Meetup. You as an active member! Perhaps? lacking any of the following, experienced knowledge, professional training, good judgment, moral caricature or a conscious. We or anyone on any Meetup-Mountaineers cannot be held responsible in anyway.
When arriving at any Meetup you should always use your own best judgment. Weather or not the conditions “ both physical or mental” are in your best interests. The judgment, Is this a place you should or shouldn’t be?
If you get hurt! Don’t even think about blaming someone else. You made all the decisions and where warned. Stepping out of bed and driving to the meeting location. Too walk up to the activity and participate is on you. We are not guides or leaders in any event held. Just the organizers of finding a meeting location that people with similar interests can meet and socialize and participate in doing activities in which we have chosen an interest in performing..
It’s always your right to back out at any time and live the good life at home in front of the television for the day….
That said have fun! Play safely! And take the responsibility of your own actions.
The Organizers…