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Backpacking: Province Pond (2d-1n) Beginner Level 1

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Backpacking: Province Pond (2d-1n) Beginner Level 1


Catch Some Fall Color!!!

We will backpack for the last beginner trip of this season. We will head into Province Pond and stay at the shelter and tenting spots there. Province Pond lies just north east or North Conway. Very Remote in its nature. With very little walking to get to this location. Should be a real gem of a trip for those beginners looking to get out one last time for this season. More advanced trips will be posted through the fall season.

Route Description:

After Meeting at the WMNF Saco Ranger Station and dropping off a car or two there we will then drive and park at the trail head on Fire Road (FR) 450 which intersects with Green Hill Road and then Route 113. Begin and finish our hike on Province Brook Trail. The walking should be on very easy terrain it’s a combination of snowmobile trails and single wide foot paths. There is only 400ft of elevation gain.

Pace: Turtle Slow

Rated: Beginner Level 1


Day #1 -- 1.6 Miles -- Gain 400ft

Day #2 -- 1.6 Miles -- Descend 400ft

Pet’s: Limited space only! With permission from the Organizer.

Your dog should have responsible human along on the trip. They should understand the physical demands of the hike and have experience and be fit enough to follow. They should also know trail regulations for that hike. It is not the organizers responsibility. Have good etiquette while on the trail. Have a leash for when you feel frisky. Have some First aid preparedness in case you slip and fall, or try to play with that porcupine again. Have the food and water available for carbohydrate loading when needed. Provide you some sleeping shelter & blanket to keep you warm and insulated from the ground. Maybe even some doggy clothing like jacket or booties for those cold hikes.

If your owner doesn’t want to carry you gear cause they are lazy don’t let them make you carry more than 25% of your body weight.. It’s not fair..! Remember your toy cause the days are long and the nights can be longer. Remember the sofa is a pretty safe and warm place too..


On top of a 20 Degree Sleeping Bag You must have the basic backpacking equipment.

Some stuff, can be borrowed from others. I recommend a comment on the threads below your selected trip for available gear and carpooling etc..

Look to the gear list listed at our group page.

Click "More"

Click "Files"

Click "Gear List – Spring & Fall Backpacking

Full List gear Link:

Basic gear List “ 1st timer” Link:

Getting There:

Carpooling options should be posted as a thread on the Meetup Page. Sharing a ride, it’s always more fun!

Additional Trip Planning & Research:

I did my research using the Appalachian Mountain Club's "White Mountain Guide", trail maps, and the Internet. You need to become self-reliant by becoming familiar with the route, terrain, and potential hazards since you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

Map # 5


The White Mountains have notoriously unpredictable weather.. Any weather report is only good for 24 hours... Decision on “go – no – go” will be made 24 – 48 hours before the trip...FYI

Post Trip:

You always should have a clean set of cloths waiting in the car and some cash for some grub for the ride home.

Please take a moment to review our group. We always like feedback.

Waiver: Read !!!

Be Warned!

Mountaineering, Skiing – Alpine or Back Country, Rock & Ice Climbing. Even Hiking can be by its very nature is an extremely hazardous activity.

Falling off any part of a climbing route or bouldering challenge or other associated activity's, hiking or backpacking to a destination could result in injury or death. Weather, it be Trail conditions, or be it a slip on a trail or falling objects like rocks, climbing gear or tree’s from above, including avalanche, can all incur injuries’ and/or death. You are always attending at your own risk!

Any information on this Meetup group page is for the basic understanding of what could be encountered. We do not guaranty any type of accuracy on this information. You should always, seek your own additional resources of information for any Meetup. You as an active member! Perhaps? lacking any of the following, experienced knowledge, professional training, good judgment, moral caricature or a conscious or even good . We or anyone on any Meetup-Mountaineers cannot be held responsible in anyway.

When arriving at any Meetup you should always use your own best judgment. Weather or not the conditions “ both physical or mental” are in your best interests. The judgment, Is this a place you should or shouldn’t be?

If you get hurt! Don’t even think about blaming someone else. You made all the decisions and where warned. Stepping out of bed and driving to the meeting location. Too walk up to the activity and participate is on you. We are not guides or leaders in any event held. Just the organizers of finding a meeting location that people with similar interests can meet and socialize and participate in doing activities in which we have chosen an interest in performing..

It’s always your right to back out at any time and live the good life at home in front of the television for the day….

That said have fun! Play safely! And take the responsibility of your own actions.

The Organizers…