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Mountaineering: Training & Refresher of Systems ( Rated: Beg - Int )

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Mountaineering: Training & Refresher of Systems

We will spend the day working "Almost road side" working on our refreshing of our mountaineering skills on some low angle ice. Great for the new person or the rusty climber that only gets out 1-2 times a winter season, who may need some time on there gear before getting on steep committing ice this season.

We will work on:

Different Styles of walking in crampons on sloped ice.

Self Arrest - Important to Know!

Ice belays and repelling.

If time allows do some easy grade 2-3 pitches of ice...

What ever else people might have a question on or interest in trying...

If your planning on attending the Lincolns Throat trip this is a great day out for you to do too get ready for that trip..

Lets get out and work the rust off or out...

We will be climbing up in the Crawford Notch area..

Waiver: Read !!!

Be Warned!

Mountaineering, Rock & Ice Climbing by its very nature is an extremely hazardous activity.

Falling off any climbing route or bouldering challenge or other activity like even hiking to a destination may result in injury or death. Weather, Trail conditions a slip on a trail or falling objects like rocks, climbing gear or tree’s from above, can all incur injuries’ and/or death.

Any information on this Meetup group page is for the basic understanding of what could be encountered. We do not guaranty any type of accuracy on this information. Seek your own additional resources of information. You as an active member! Perhaps, lacking any of the following, professional training, good judgment, moral caricature or a conscious. We or anyone on any Meetup-Mountaineers cannot be held responsible in anyway.

When arriving at any Meetup you should always use your own best judgment. Weather or not the conditions “ both physical or mental” are in your best interests. The judgment, Is this a place you should or shouldn’t be?

If you get hurt…. Don’t even think about blaming someone else. You made all the decisions and where warned. Dragging yourself out of bed and driving to the meeting location. Too walk up to the activity and participate is on you. We are not guides or leaders in any event held. Just the organizers of finding a meeting location that people with similar interests can meet and socialize.

It’s always your right to back out and live the good life with all the rest of the human race eating cheese doodles and Twinkie’s in front of the television for the day….

That said have fun! Play safely! And take the responsibility of your own actions.

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