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THIS IS NOT AN ATTENDANCE EVENT - But it is a repeating announcement that we need volunteers to organize and lead events.Our group is only as active as the people willing to post their interests !

Please RSVP "yes" here only if you are interested in leading or organizing an event for this group, so we can contact you...

Not finding trips that interest you? There always full? Don't travel at your pace? How about you work weekends and only can get out weekdays... Well being a organizer allows you to openly post a Meetup Trip at you own convenience and allow you to get out more and make many friends that have the same interests as yourself at your pace.

There is no minimum commitment although we do ask that you consider leading at least (6) events per year. That's 1 every 2 months.. If your a outdoor person that is nothing in the scope of being active participant.

We need event organizers for:

Hiking Summer & Winter,Backpacking, Beginner & Advanced & Car Camping.

Climbing, Rock & Ice, Mountaineering of all types.

Snow sports: skiing, Alpine, Back Country, Cross Country, Snowboarding.

Monthly Socials & Events, Films, Seminars, Gear Demo's, all being around the wilderness topic.

Just about any other outdoor or outdoor related event you can think of? That would be interesting to this group type.

Remember: This is a 100% volunteer run social group. So, if no one volunteers the events can't happen.


Since we don't charge dues we don't have money to buy insurance coverage so we don't organize any high risk sports like para-sailing, skydiving, base jumping.


You should have enough prior experience with the event type that you want to organize that you can safely organizing others in that event format. ( example: You organizing a top rope climbing Meetup. You should know how to setup the anchor system and the top-rope based on AMGA guidelines.) Also be able to comment or express Your concern when something doesn't look correct or proper regarding those other members whom participate.

Some events are easy. Like a local walk in a state park and really don't require much to be a organizer except a couple minute to create the Meetup during the week while your resting for the next weekend.

For any wilderness trips: you should know or have done your homework on the geographical area you are going to be exploring. Prepared prior knowledge and realistic goals from either prior experience or because you have done your research about it reading descriptions, in guide books or bought maps, etc. will always make for a fun event. Even if you know the area, you need to get updates on road and weather conditions and be available to be contacted and update your trip plans accordingly. Post updates by 9am the day prior to the event, if needed. While, first aid training is not required. Would be great that at some point you where to get first aid training. Groups are always safer in the event of any accident. But groups still need good organization & leadership to be effective in self rescue or other. Be prepared to carry basic survival and first aid supplies always. "The ten essentials" Set up a contact plan with someone who will report your group missing if you don't check in by a certain time.

Not all events require complex skills or high levels of fitness. Leading casual hike's Local areas like Forest, Parks, or around the city. Visiting parks in another state or even hikes on well known trails like in the White Mountains can be fun, safe, and not too physically challenging. Perfect for new leaders and people with moderate fitness levels or small kids. Events can be more social like outdoor movies & slide show's or hike's with picnics. You don't have to be young or a tri-athelon star.. You get to set the event that fits your physical level and tell people what to expect. You pick the time and date and group size that fits your schedule. Don't worry about finding other folks, there is always somebody who has time to join you and we have a big membership. Being the organizer there is many rewards and even leadership skills that can be learned along the way.

So if you are interested - Please RSVP "YES" with a comments in the fields where I have questions listed at the RSVP time, about what you would like to organize and a little about yourself and what your prior experience is that relates to the trip or event you are thinking about doing.

Thank You! in advance & hope to see you on the mountain.

Jay Briscoe

Meetup - Mountaineers lLead Organizer