What we're about

Biodanza was created with the aim of helping people reconnect with their passion, vitality and sensuality. It is a mixture of dance, movement and music, carefully chosen for its rhythmic qualities, enabling us to release the power of expression we all hold deep within. It is uplifting, revitalizing and puts new energy into our hearts. It is an open door to renew our sense of the joy of living, reducing the everyday stress, inhibitions and anxiety.

Biodanza promotes a positive and caring connection with yourself, with other people and with the Universe. This connection enables you to begin to live life in the moment, and to feel how good it is to be alive.

You will be guided and given the freedom to become the music, and to create your own dance and movement. Working by yourself, with a companion or with the group enables you to find your true identity in a safe environment. The group will express their human potentialities with a new fresh courage and vital desire. It helps to improve human relationships, increases self-esteem, general well-being and wakes up our dormant creativity.

Dress: loose clothing and with no shoes

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