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Kids Tucson Capoeira Classes w. Tucson Capoeira
Tucson Capoeira ( Because Capoeira involves music and dance-like movements, many see Capoeira as a dance. It is much more. Capoeira is a game, a dance, a martial art, a way to get fit and a form of cultural expression. It is also an art form that illustrates the centuries-old connection between Latin and African cultures. As in any martial art, respect and discipline is fundamental. Kids and teens will be held to the highest behavioral standards in order to insure their growth as an athlete and guarantee the safety of the class as a whole. It is important to note that Tucson Capoeira teachers take safety very seriously and construct lessons for varying athletic abilities. All movements are taught slowly, carefully and with considerable repetition. Training Capoeira helps youth develop their interpersonal communication skills, enrich their cultural perspective, and illustrates the importance of music, art, and movement in history and in social change. Kids are expected to participate fully in class, support each other in the classroom setting, during partner and group activities, as well as to stay on task when given a drill. UNIFORM (once you decide to join the school) For Capoeira class, kids are required to be in clean Capoeira pants (abadas), their Capoeira cord and a Capoeira t-shirt or plain white t-shirt. Students with long hair should have it pinned back.

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