What we're about

This Group meets monthly to watch a movie over popcorn, coke and coffee to watch a movie and then discuss about it as a group. The goal to learn from each others opinions on the movie and build community over like interests. (During the quarantine, we are meeting on Zoom)

For TV shows, we expect folks can watch the TV show on their own the come and discuss it in person or on zoom.

We watch a range of movies from Casablanca to Starwars. We discuss a range of opinions from cultural to spiritual implications. This is a place to listen, learn and build community.

Anyone who wants to watch a movie with a group of people over popcorn, coke and coffee, then discuss the movie with openness to a diverse rage of opinions is welcome to the group. The events are free. Will have popcorn, coke, coffee. Feel free to bring your fav movie snack too, if you want to.

Upcoming events (2)

Jurassic Park (watch and discuss the ethics around genetic engineering!)

Yay! We will meet back in person again with Jurassic Park.

• What we'll do
We will watch the 1993 Jurassic Park movie then we will have a discussion. With improvements with science and genetic modification some of the technology that was envisioned in Jurassic Park is now at hand. There is still the question of ethics, just because we can, should we do it. May be, may be not? Let us talk to see where the conversation takes us!

Location: Inside First Presbyterian Church, in the room LC080, at 2:00 pm
Parking: North Lot - on Mainstreet, Oakdale cross street.

Coke, cookies, coffee, popcorn will be provided at the movie event! This is a free event.

• What to bring
Just yourself. Feel free to bring ur fav movie snacks, if you want to.

The event ends at 5pm, everyone is welcome to join us for Taco Socials at Herman Park right after (free Tacos from Tacos A Go Go provided).

Tacos Talks @ Herman Park (Make friends over Tacos!)

6001 Fannin St

Hello All,

We will have our monthly Tacos Evening at Herman Park (in the outdoor space by the lake, bring you lawn charis so we can be socially distant).

If you want to come please update your Tacos preference (veg, non-veg, vegan etc.) in this google docs link.

What we will do:
*Eat some Tacos
*Talk with people
*Wear Masks as much as possible! (please)

What you can bring:
*Beach/lawn chairs so we can be socially distant.
*Bring your own choice of beverage.
*Masks please to be safe for all involved.

Fyi... I am inviting people from a couple of different meetup groups I run, so there will be people outside of this meetup group.

If you are able to come, please fill this out https://bit.ly/31gAvAh
if not, we will not be able to figure out the Tacos count, and you may not have tacos waiting for you! (we are ordering Tacos from Tacos a Go Go)

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Tacos Talks @ Herman Park (Make friends over Tacos!)

6001 Fannin St

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