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Boy Erased
Hi Moviepass buddies, was thinking this movie looks really interesting and discussionworthy. Would love to check this out. I HAVE to enter date/time to post as a meetup or i cant proceed. Please note; this is not necessarily the date/time/location. Just throwing this movie out there for those who wanna check it out and figure out specific details later. As mentioned; my goal is to allow everyone in the group post their own picks/schedule movies too. Still navigating the settings. Please bear with me. If Boy Erased is a movie that interests you please lmk and we can work out the details and perhaps find and diner or cafe afterwards so we can discuss

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    Going to a movie used to be a total no brainer. It was always extremely easy to rally people to see the movie you wanted to see and make a night of it. Now? fugghettabout it!!!. People love the IDEA of going to a movie, but committing to a date/time/movie itself. ..another story. I found myself doing the dreaded thing I never ever thought I'd do. Going alone. While that's not SO SO bad, like most other things it's simply a thousand times more fun with others!

    If you are a female between 40-50 years and wanna get the full value of YOUR movie pass but find that you have a bit of trouble finding those who are happy to just say yes to a movie. We can even do dinner too if people want!

    Looking forward to meeting some awesome cinefiles.

    Im currently thinking about creative ways to organize this group. My objective is to give people goto options when theres a movie you wanna see without too much drama! Im not a big fan of large group get togethers. Instead i think what will do is post all the current movies in theaters and than others can connect with those who want to see that movie and figure out a date/showtime. Still a work in progress! Stay with us. I think it should be fun!

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