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The Movies and Meaning Community is a group of people who share an interest in movies that spark reflection and conversation related to values, philosophies, etc.. More than just a social gathering, we encourage people to get to know each other, build relationship and treat the gathering as an opportunity to build connection and community.

A typical "Movies and Meaning" gathering will include movies at theaters (preferably local whenever possible) at various times and days, and sometimes on discount days or nights. And a discussion whenever possible afterwards.

We include movies that might provide good fodder for conversation all the way from an especially poignant animated feature to documentaries on social and political issues and everything in between. On a rare occasion, there might be a movie that is just for fun and might be lacking in meaning.

We ask that you purchase your tickets before you RSVP Whenever possible.

Occasionally, Plus 1 RSVPs will be allowed after the event is posted for a few days (number of days will depend on popularity of the film and the selected date of the screening). This is to provide ample opportunity for members to get a spot. Of course, if a member has visiting family or friend on the selected date, please let us know. We encourage each person that attends to have their own meetup account whenever possible. Eventually, we will be charging a membership a small fee for this meetup group.

Sometimes there will be in-home movie showings which will have further information within the event post.

When we have a sizable group discussion after a movie: A selected film will be chosen by the organizers and/or member suggestions. and RSVPs are expected for members who want to attend a specific film, rather than just showing up. If you're coming just for the discussion portion of the movie--please indicate this in the comments section.

If your plans change after you posted your RSVP, it is vital to change it to a "no" to insure that a wait listed member can take the slot. This is especially important for the discussion section of the event. There will be times when reservations will have been made at restaurants based on the number of proposed attendees.

There are times that stuff comes up at the last minute. It is best to download the Meetup App on your phone so you can see updates and also let us know if you can't attend (preferably 72 hours in advance unless it’s a rare emergency). Don't be a no show or It could affect your membership or consideration for a spot at future events.

The comments section is a great place to interact but we want to keep it brief. There will be times that we will be cleaning up the comments section to make it easier to read through while we are at the theater and looking for the latest information about people's attendance as we are looking for them in the lobby & saving seats for people. AFTER the event, we do encourage commentary about the film.

In order to have productive discussions, we may have to cap/limit some events. If the films are popular we may generate a wait list for the discussion section of the event and/or sometimes try to schedule another screening and discussion on another day/time.

Guidelines for participation in discussions:

We want everyone to feel comfortable participating in discussions if they so choose.

We will start by going around for people to say their name and give a brief overall impression of the film (preferably no longer than two minutes). Of course, just giving your name and passing to the next person is fine. Then an open discussion can start. The organizer(s) will help provide a start if needed.

Please let people complete their thoughts before jumping in with a response or moving too quickly to another topic.

When participating in the discussion, please be respectful toward all opinions offered, especially if you have another point of view. Err on the side of sensitive and tactful.

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