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If you experience persistent pain, moving might be the last thing on your mind. Yet we all know we NEED to move (you've probably heard it from your doctor), but traditional exercise might not be for you at this time. However, gentle movement that fits your body’s design is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing.

Nia® Moving to Heal is for you if you experience persistent pain due to illness, injury, or you are recovering from surgery or cancer treatment.* This is a gentle practice with inspiring music that can be done in a chair or on your feet. Wear comfortable clothing and be guided to feel better.

*There is gentle physical movement so please ask your doctor for approval before taking this class.

Teresa D’Angelo is the founder of Live Love Move, a healing arts movement company. Her personal experience with autoimmune illness led her to dance/movement practices to feel better. Teresa is a Nia® 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor and her mission is to help people in pain experience the gift of healing movement. Read more at http://www.live-love-move.com.

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