• Rust July Meetup (Actix.rs)


    We will once again host Rust Zürich for a meetup, see their meetup event and RSVP there, please: https://www.meetup.com/Rust-Zurich/events/250386292/

  • Firefox Quantum Release Party


    Firefox Quantum will be released on November 14th. It's gonna be fast! We'll celebrate this a day later with a short intro to Firefox Quantum and some drinks and cake after that!

  • Firefox Quantum Sprint - Help make Firefox Quantum succeed

    Join us to help make Firefox Quantum succeeds. Get to know what Firefox Quantum is and help test your favorite local websites. Cake included! This is part of the global Firefox Quantum Sprint (https://firefoxsprint.mozilla.community/). Would be great if you could bring a Laptop for the testing session!

  • WebVR/A-Frame Hackathon in Lausanne


    WebVR is a Web Standard which allows the use of VR devices from the browser. In this hackathon we want to explore this APIs as well as showing demos, and hacking on our own demos. With A-Frame it is as easy as ever to create your own scenes to look at in VR. We will host a hackathon in Lausanne, please check https://www.meetup.com/Mozilla-Meetup-Romandie/events/239994710/ for RSVP and further details!

  • More performant browsers - the road to Firefox 57

    In November Mozilla will release one of the biggest releases ever - Firefox 57. Michael will discuss the feature set as well as the road ahead. Project Quantum as well as Photon will be discussed with examples. Both project are contributing to performance and Firefox will be the most performant browser out there!

  • Rust two year Anniversary


    This is a crosspost: follow the main event here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Rust-Zurich/events/239152044/?eventId=239152044

  • Iron - Web development with Rust - Rust April Meetup

    Coredump Hackerspace

    Our speaker Danilo will give a quick introduction to web development with Rust and specifically with the Iron framework. We will take a look at the structure of Iron and how to create APIs. Maybe we'll also take a look at database connection handling with connection pools. After the presentation, you can work on your own project or find a project to contribute to. There will be people around that will try to answer your Rust questions.

  • Informal Meetup in Bern

    Altes Tramdepot

    We will meet informally in Bern for a dinner and some drinks. There will be no talk.

  • WebExtensions Workshop


    Add-ons provide a safe, simple, and powerful way to personalize your browsing experience. With WebExtensions APIs, it’s easier than ever to create extensions that can be easily ported to Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera. We will show how to get started and then we'll help you to write your first WebExtension. Please bring your laptop with you if you have one, and for those who don't have one with them, we can do pair-programming.