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Members of W. A. Nyland’s Chardavogne Group will hold a series of meetings in Manhattan starting in September of 2014. Discussion will focus on how the ideas of Gurdjieff relate to an individual’s spiritual development in today’s complex and turbulent world. Mr. Nyland was a serious student and teacher of Gurdjieff’s ideas for over 50 years, andtoday his group continues, providing a vital source for the study and practice of work on oneself.


For the time and place of these meetings call the Chardavogne Barn at 845-258-4655 For more information regarding G.I. Gurdjieff and W.A. Nyland visit http://www.nyland.org

In 1924 Mr. Nyland heard Gurdjieff speak during his first visit to United States, and soon became an active member of the new group set up by Gurdjieff in New York, with A.R. Orage at the head. From that beginning, Mr. Nyland became dedicated to the practical application of Gurdjieff’s Ideas for the rest of his life. He traveled several times to France to work with Gurdjieff, helped Gurdjieff when he made his various tater trips to America, and continued with his own personal efforts to apply what Gurdjieff taught as self-development, or work on oneself.

Near the end of his life, Gurdjieff asked Mr. Nyland to start a group in America, for which he would receive special material every week. After Gurdjieff died in 1949, Mr. Nyland was one of the founders and trustees of the Gurdjieff Foundation. He remained active in the Foundation until he formed his own independent group in the early 1960s.

In the late 1960s, Mr. Nyland established a center in the country, in Warwick, NY, where he purchased property now known as Chardavogne Barn. His group in California also purchased property in Sonoma county, near San Francisco, now known as The Land. At these and other branches of his group, he conducted many meetings, Gurdjieff movements, and workdays for physical activities. His group continues today with these activities.

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