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Saturday Morning Bagua
Please check with organisers before deciding to attend as Simon occasionally visits his family and bagua master in France, and also has a busy day job in IT support that sometimes requires us to cancel the occasional class. venue: The Bandstand, Canbury Gardens, Kingston. The bandstand is visible from the Boaters pub, parking is approximately 60p per hour in neighbouring streets.

the Bandstand

Canbury Gardens · Kingston

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This is a group for meeting up and experiencing a wide range of powerful body movement systems from China's rich panoply of energy arts. Specific arts shared include tai chi , guided gentle qigong for the spine from Wudang mountain, the beautiful flexibility of youshen baguazhang, the qigong of 6-sounds, all presented with love and awareness by a kind and supportive teacher. Focus is on the health aspects and how they relate to our thoughts and emotions. If you are interested in martial aspects, these are also shown

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