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Deer Creek Falls to Owyhigh Lakes

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Seldom visited but deserving of more attention, this route rolls past a couple of sparkling waterfalls, climbs through lush old forest, and leads to moderate views from a wooded pass above a pretty wooded lake basin. The trail is on the maintenance logs, but the relatively light use leaves the route brushy and the trail tread rough at times. The best favor we can do for this sweet little forest route is to use it: the path needs people to use it and love it. It offers a great outing in a part of the park seldom visited by the hordes that descend on the big mountain each year.

Location Mt. Rainier -- SW - Cayuse Pass / Steven's Canyon Longmire Wilderness Information Center Statistics Roundtrip 10.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 2200ft, Highest Point 5400ft
Features Rivers Waterfalls Old growth Wildflowers/Meadows Map Green Trails Mount Rainier East No. 270 Contact Info: Longmire Wildreness Information center, 360-569-4453
Driving Directions:

From Enumclaw, drive east about 47 miles on State Route 410 to the junction with SR 123. Stay right (straight ahead) to merge onto SR 123-Cayuse Pass Highway. Find the trailhead on the right about 4.5 miles farther south. Note: SR 123 was severely damaged by the November 2006 floods. Although the road has been reopened, call to check on road conditions.

From Day Hiking Mount Rainier by Dan Nelson

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