What we're about

Meet after the Mt Tam Astronomy Programs to photograph the night sky from Mt Tam.

Who should join: If you want use the one of the best outdoor locations in the near Bay Area for night sky photography we'll do our best to get there. Especially in Mt.Tamalpais State Park's north facing side at 2000' elevation.

The ideal member: Someone who loves to be outdoors in spectacular settings. Enjoys being part of a group. Likes to share common goals in community.

Why should members join: This Meetup strives to enjoy being outside in the pursuit of our natural history.

Our Goals are to: Challenge ourselves to get great photographs, while enjoying the company of friends, in beautiful places. And make it a fun time for all.

What can members expect out of the group: Expect finding the best places for these type of Meetups.

Describe typical activities: Our typical Meetup will find us on the Hiking Trails of Mt.Tamalpais State Park and surrounding lands. Where we will do our photography. We also will meet at other locations as recommended.

A unique aspect of this Meetup is the Organizer as been leading Hikes on Mt. Tam for twenty years. Knows the best Trails, the ones where the best shots can be expected.

Welcome to, Hiking Mt.Tam and the North Berkeley Hills Hikes

The group focuses on getting to know California better. With a friendly community that enjoys outdoor activities; hiking, walking tours, attending festivals, fairs, concerts, dining out, and hiking through the Seasons on Mt.Tamalpais and the North Berkeley Hills.

We strive for equanimity; to give everyone a happy outdoor experience, in a beautiful place.

Hike with Friends, in community, on a Mountain. Get some exercise, gain perspective and relaxation, in the moment, out hiking and in other activities.

Let this Land, the Waters around it, the nearby Mountains and Hills...be magic.

Look forward to seeing you out there with us.


What is the Meetup Group about?

For those working hard, entering or re-entering, to earn a living. Looking for community by: Networking, Socializing, Getting Outside, Working Out, De-Stressing and in these, finding peacefulness and happiness.

* What members can expect: (Typical Meetup Events/Activities.)

Members will find the following Events to chose from:

• Hikes of five to 8.5 miles in beautiful, natural areas around San Francisco. Including themed, interpretive hikes. (Wildflowers, Geology, Cultural & Natural History)

• Guided - Historic, Heritage, Architectural tours, in and around Berkeley, including the Campus.

• Landscape and Night Sky Photography shoots.

• Weekend and Weekday (Usually Wednesday) Sunset walks.

• Visits to the San Francisco Zen Center's, Green Gulch Farm and Zendo. Dharma talk and vegetarian lunch.

• Meditation hikes-walking meditation

• Visits to the Slide Ocean Ranch/ Farm.

• Attend the Mt.Tam outdoor Astronomy Programs

• Attend the SF Mime Troup performances

• Attend the yearly UC, Fall Free for All

• Rent kayaks for kayaking Bolinas Lagoon

• Provide guided tour of Golden Gate Park

• Find interesting places outside the immediate SF Bay Area

Come out and get to know who and what is out there.

Welcome, your host,

Jordan Herrmann


Taking care of the legal side of things now, please read the following:

Legal Disclaimer

Participants in an event fully understand the risks, dangers, and hazards associated with any outdoor activity, and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards, and further agree to release and discharge the Organizer and any Assistant Organizers from and against any and all liability arising from your participation in the Meetup group activities. Each member, person or guest who RSVPs or comes, for an event, is fully responsible for their own safety.

It is each one's responsibility to ensure that they are sufficiently prepared, fit and healthy to participate in the event, understanding that these are physically demanding activities. Footing and walking surfaces will be uneven, rocky, root covered, steeply uphill and/or downhill. You are expected to bring sufficient footwear, water, food, and appropriate clothing, as well as first aid and any other necessary equipment.

Hike organizers make no warranties about the quality, safety, or supervision of these activities. By coming on an event, you warrant that you have read and understand and are accepting all of the above and the transportation that may be involved below.

IMPORTANT: Event organizers are NOT responsible for anyone's safety. We are not responsible for any vehicle involved incident during the event. We are NOT responsible for carpool arrangements to the Meetups, or for any accidents during carpools or while riding in a carpool, public or shared or private transportation arrangements of any kind and the injuries that may occur during transportation, to, during or from and after an event.

By joining as a member and/or attending an event offered by this Meetup, you are agreeing to the terms above in every respect.

Past events (33)

Night Sky Photo Shoot on Mt.Tam, First of the Season Coming Up end of April

Rock Springs Parking Area Mt Tamalpais State Park

Stephen Johnson Lecture, With a New Eye: The Digital Nat'l Parks Project

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