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Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts welcome. This group is for people interested in hiking to the summit of Mt. Whitney this summer 2019. I'm entering the permit lottery and am reserving space for 6 hikers (myself included). This will not be a rushed, single day up and back trek. Plan on a night to acclimate at a nearby campground. Begin the hike in the morning and spend a second night once we reach Trail Camp (below the summit) for further acclimating. Wake early (possibly 4-5am) to go for the summit and then, upon descending back to Trail Camp, spend a third night to enjoy the accomplishment and scenery. Break camp in the morning and descend to the Portal at a leisurely pace. From there if all goes as planned I may spend another night at the portal or nearby, (this is optional for members of the group). This is the year I turn 50 and thought this a suitable celebration of sorts. Hikers of all ages are encouraged though please be in good to better than average hiking fitness level.

Understanding people are capable of hiking to the summit and down in one day, I've chosen to take time to more thoroughly enjoy the hike. Also, altitude sickness is real even at these altitudes and may even be exacerbated by the fact that I'm coming from sea level. I intend to increase my chances for a successful summit by being smart and taking the time to properly acclimate. I've chosen to gather a small group for a number of reasons. Mainly, my usual hiking partner and significant other has chosen to sit this one out. Also, friends I might invite are either too busy, too out of shape or altogether not interested. I believe it'll be smarter, safer and more enjoyable with a small group.


-I'll be hosting training hike's leading up to the Whitney hike. Please understand that I work weekends. My ability to host Saturday/Sunday hikes will be rare. I regularly hike mid week, Wednesday or Thursday. The majority of hikes will take place on these days. As temperatures warm and daylight extends into later hours we will schedule a few night/evening hikes.

Note that the trip is planned for 4 days with two nights, Tuesday & Wednesday spent on the mountain. Dates coincide (best as possible) with the full moon so we may have lots of moonlight for a pre dawn summit attempt. As I enter the lottery I will put in for as many time slots as allowed. This is just the outline of possibilities. I prefer and will try for a late summer date.

Please stay posted for more details as they develop.


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