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Muktinath Holistic Center was founded by Sierra North, former owner of Starlight Healing. The vision of the holistic center came after a spiritual journey that Sierra took in the Himalayas of Nepal, following the path Padmesembhava, the second Buddha, took bringing Buddhism to Tibet. The final destination of the pilgrimage was to a sacred temple at the top of the mountain Muktinath. Muktinath is said to bring liberation and freedom from the binds of our karma. It is said if you bathe in the water at the temple you clear the karma of not only yourself, but your entire family, for seven generations forwards and backwards. The healing of this sacred place is the gift that Sierra was called to bring back to the community in the form of Muktinath Holistic Center.

At Muktinath Holistic Center we are committed to offer programs, workshops, sacred ceremonies and retreats designed to facilitate "whole" body healing and that empower people to transform themselves and the world. The goal of our holistic approach is to bring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies into alignment, thereby facilitating healing on all levels. Holistic healing is an ongoing process of attaining the higher levels of wellness, preventing illness, increasing vitality, bringing positive lifestyle changes, inner confidence, and an overall balance in our bodies and life.

Muktinath Holistic Center is a beautiful, peaceful and welcoming healing space where you will find experienced and professional holistic health practitioners, working together, to address all of your health concerns, and bring you to the next step of your spiritual journey. Muktinath offers three large treatments rooms, a large temple space for meditation, yoga and other healing arts, and a growing selection of natural health products, and tools to bring beauty and healing into your own home.

Muktinath Holistic Center offers an interfaith, eclectic approach to spirituality that honors the divine in all spiritual paths. It is a place where people of all cultures, faiths, and religions can come to reconnect with God/Spirit/Source, deepen their spiritual path and experience the place where we are One. The sacred healing energies of the Earth below and the Divine light and power above is balanced in the temple at Muktinath, offering the community a special place to return to their center.

Muktinath Holistic CenterA place to find... the balance in your body, the stillness in your mind, and the power in your soul.

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Reiki ll Certification

Muktinath Holistic Center

This class is the intermediate level, or practitioner level class. The purpose of this class is to gain a deeper level of understanding of the energies of the body and enhance the Reiki channels to provide the individual a greater ability to perform Reiki healing sessions on others. You will learn the three level II Reiki symbols, techniques on how to strengthen your Reiki sessions, Byosen scanning and beaming techniques, laws and ethics that apply to Reiki and developing your own Reiki practice. This class offers plenty of time to practice working with the energy of the symbols, how to feel the subtle differences between the symbols and how they affect those you are treating. You will also learn additional methods of how to clear and protect your energy field.

Class size is limited. You will receive a Reiki level II manual and a professional certificate certifying completion of Reiki level II. Tea provided, bring your own lunch.

Offered by Cheryl Markey

Cost: $250. I do recommend (but do not require) a complete Reiki treatment and second attunement about one month after the class. If you choose to do this second step, the total fee will be $300.



Muktinath Holistic Center

Satsangs are wonderful spiritual and community gatherings of like-minded people. The word 'Satsang' is a Sanskrit word meaning company (sanga) of truth (sat). Satsangs with Shanti Mission Healers are filled with music, mantra, meditation, spiritual instruction/discourse and spiritual blessings (a form of powerful energetic healing) to help you reset, recharge and get ready for the week ahead.

Sunday morning meditation tends to be a colorful, lively experience that celebrates all faiths and traditions, while Wednesday night is now primarily for simply deep meditation and chakra clearing.

Facilitator: Sierra, Svaha, Manjushri (rotates)
(No need to Pre-Register-Please check our Facebook Page for any weather cancellations)


Not Local? No problem! You can now join us remotely easily on ZOOM. Please use the link to register and sign into zoom. Zoom can work from your computer, tablet, or smart phone. You can also choose to sign in and simply listen via the phone connection. Please use the link below to make your heartfelt donation for this meditation.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting online.

If you prefer you can call into the satsang via landline or cellphone to listen in without the video component. Choose a number to call in:[masked] OR[masked]. Meeting ID for satsang is[masked].

Please use the following link to make your donation. Please only donate this way if you are unable to physically attend the meditation. The link will take you to the paypal website. Please log into your account and use the send money button from your account. Our email is [masked]. Please note what the donation is for (sun am meditation) in the Notes section on your paypal. You may donate any amount that you feel is in accordance with your means and what you feel you received from the meditation. Please know that any contribution under $10 simply pays the fees associated with donation so our suggested minimum for remote participation is $10.

Suggested Donation: $20

Children and teens are welcome as long as they do not disrupt the meditation. Heartfelt Donation. Walk ins welcome!

Angels & Crystals

Muktinath Holistic Center

Do you love Angels and Crystals? Then this is the monthly series that you will love. The class will join your love of both angels and crystals. It will allow you to take a deeper look at one Archangel and a crystal associated with that Archangel. It will be hands on as well as informative. You will learn how to connect and work with the Archangel. Learn about the crystal and its connection to the Archangel, as well as how to use the crystal when working with Archangel.

Offered by Cheryl Markey (Durga Ma).


$25 per session

MUST PRE-REGISTER online: https://www.muktinathholisticcenter.com/classes-events


Muktinath Holistic Center

Meditation is a state of internal being. Meditation is a gentle inward connection or a profound connection with the world around us. Meditation is as simple or complex as we make it. Meditation is elaborate mantra and prayers, sitting in the silence, anything that makes the soul smile inside, repetitive movement or activities done with a quiet mind. Meditation is found in our quiet moments and even in the chaos of life. Meditation is solitary. Meditation is community. Meditation is where you find the balance in your body, the stillness in your mind, and the power in your soul.
WEDNESDAYS 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Click below to register:

Suggested Donation: $20

Children and teens are welcome as long as they do not disrupt the meditation

Facilitator: Sierra

Experience bliss, peace, joy and deep healing!

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting online. PLEASE MUTE yourself as you come into the call. If you tap the bottom of your screen you will see the mute option.

If you prefer you can call in via landline or cellphone to listen in without the video component. PLEASE MUTE yourself as you come into the call.

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