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Muktinath Holistic Center was founded by Sierra North, former owner of Starlight Healing. The vision of the holistic center came after a spiritual journey that Sierra took in the Himalayas of Nepal, following the path Padmesembhava, the second Buddha, took bringing Buddhism to Tibet. The final destination of the pilgrimage was to a sacred temple at the top of the mountain Muktinath. Muktinath is said to bring liberation and freedom from the binds of our karma. It is said if you bathe in the water at the temple you clear the karma of not only yourself, but your entire family, for seven generations forwards and backwards. The healing of this sacred place is the gift that Sierra was called to bring back to the community in the form of Muktinath Holistic Center.

At Muktinath Holistic Center we are committed to offer programs, workshops, sacred ceremonies and retreats designed to facilitate "whole" body healing and that empower people to transform themselves and the world. The goal of our holistic approach is to bring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies into alignment, thereby facilitating healing on all levels. Holistic healing is an ongoing process of attaining the higher levels of wellness, preventing illness, increasing vitality, bringing positive lifestyle changes, inner confidence, and an overall balance in our bodies and life.

Muktinath Holistic Center is a beautiful, peaceful and welcoming healing space where you will find experienced and professional holistic health practitioners, working together, to address all of your health concerns, and bring you to the next step of your spiritual journey. Muktinath offers three large treatments rooms, a large temple space for meditation, yoga and other healing arts, and a growing selection of natural health products, and tools to bring beauty and healing into your own home.

Muktinath Holistic Center offers an interfaith, eclectic approach to spirituality that honors the divine in all spiritual paths. It is a place where people of all cultures, faiths, and religions can come to reconnect with God/Spirit/Source, deepen their spiritual path and experience the place where we are One. The sacred healing energies of the Earth below and the Divine light and power above is balanced in the temple at Muktinath, offering the community a special place to return to their center.

Muktinath Holistic CenterA place to find... the balance in your body, the stillness in your mind, and the power in your soul.

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Muktinath Holistic Center

Experience bliss, peace, joy and deep healing. This is not your traditional silent or guided meditation class. It is an ACTIVE style of meditation that is perfect for our busy western minds. We work with the mind keeping it so busy that you actually start to relax into a deep meditation. This style of meditation is suited for everyone regardless of your level of experience. It often includes singing and music, and is open to people of all faiths and backgrounds. You will leave feeling peaceful, relaxed and renewed. Facilitator: Sierra, Svaha, Manjushri (rotates) (No need to Pre-register-Please check our Facebook Page for any weather cancellations) Suggested Donation: $20

Crystal Grid Healing and Meditation

Muktinath Holistic Center

Are you feeling stressed, a little off balance or maybe a little let down after the holidays? Then come join us for a crystal grid healing. Here you will be one with the crystals in the grid. You will be part of the grid. In this crystal grid healing session you will be working on the rebalancing of your chakras. You will guided down thru a meditation, as each of your chakras is cleared, cleansed and rebalanced. Offered by Cheryl Markey “Durga Ma”. $25 Must Pre-register online https://www.muktinathholisticcenter.com/classes-events/2019/1/24/crystal-grid-healing-and-meditation

Earth Chants

Muktinath Holistic Center

People having been singing to Mother Earth all over the globe. Please join us for an evening of music and song to the Earth. The songs are easy to learn and can be used in many ways. Music heals the spirit and soul. Heartfelt Donation Must pre-register https://www.muktinathholisticcenter.com/classes-events/2019/1/25/earth-chants-with-grandma-nancy

Reiki Master Certification

Muktinath Holistic Center

The Reiki Master program is an intense twelve week course of study that takes you on a journey of personal exploration and transformation. This course provides the attunements and knowledge to become an accomplished Reiki Master with all necessary skills to teach all levels of Usui Reiki, including the Master level. I designed this course in a way to ensure that those who receive Reiki Masters Certification with me can truly feel confident in their education and skills, so they feel ready to offer Reiki in a professional setting. Much more information and practical training is offered in this course than other traditional classes, such as how to raise your vibration, methods of purification, setting sacred space, protecting your own energy field (and your clients), all aspects of starting, maintaining and advertising for your own business. There is a large focus on supervised practice to grow your skills. Participation in 3 Reiki Healing clinics, 3 case studies and homework are all requirements to receive certification. This class is suited for any student ready to go further in their training as a Reiki healer with the intention of private practice AND for any student seeking a course that will push them forward on their path of personal development. This program welcomes students that have trained with other teachers and are simply seeking more knowledge base and confidence. This course will meet Saturdays Jan 26th thru May 4th. 10am-6pm. No class Feb 16th, Feb 23rd or March 30th. The fee for the class is a pre-pay of $1200 (that is only $100 per week!) Or choose to pay weekly at $120. Price includes an enormous binder of class information, William Rand Reiki Master manual, and a professional sealed certificate suitable for framing. There is mandatory $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space. Once you have submitted your registration form we will email an invoice. REGISTER via website: https://www.muktinathholisticcenter.com/classes-events/2019/1/28/reiki-master-certification

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