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Cori MuM (Alex Rhett)

CEO and Founder

Welcome to Multicultural Mothers MuM

Becoming a mother in a country away from the care and help of my family and friends was very challenging for me.

As I wanted to make friends, for myself and my child, I tried to make friends through teaching a second language; but soon I felt the burden of investing my time and energy in educating others, while putting aside my own child's educational opportunities.

So MuM was born. My darling husband offered to guide me and support me investing time and resources, to help me start my own mothers group. We were both confident that soon God would bring me wonderful friends, who share my same interests.

MuM is specifically a group of international mothers that understand the pros and cons of raising a family in a country different than our country of origin, culture and values.

Our children love and are grateful to be American; MuM helps them learn and appreciate different cultures, visualize opportunities and take advantage of their inherited multicultural capabilities so that they can easily achieve positive outcomes in any area of their lives.

MuM focuses on cultural education, finding opportunities, empowerment, tangible achievements, early development, global awareness, fostering a loving community, service, etc; building a strong foundation for our little ones, all planned and implemented in a fun, practical way.

"Our children stand confident, proud and secure, for them our multicultural background is a plus!"

Thanks God for MuM, to His Glory!

**DISCLOSURE >>important<<: This group does NOT sale anything to any member. NONE of our events and meetings are business oriented, and ALL are FREE for members, unless they are held in a public business venue (party center or playground, museums, restaurants, etc. which might charge the publich in general)

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