"Teleportation: Our Imagination or Reality", Talk and Social

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Throughout centuries, lots of claims of relocating humans have been recorded worldwide.

Science fiction writers, such as 19th/20th century American E.P. Mitchell, was talking about a man rendered invisible…

Scientific community is busy trying to figure out how to transfer information and matter from one location to another…

Celestial realm is also leaking out some hints on the topic…

Come to hear this exciting talk and make friends with likeminded people.

This FREE talk will end with a Q & A session and socialising afterwards.

The same talk is delivered at three locations in London on three different dates.
You can choose the talk that suits you the most or, if you like the talk – come and hear it more than once.

The entrance to these talks is FREE.

There will be time for your comments, Q&A, and then socialising afterwards.