London Cosmic Reflection

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We live in a dynamic universe where consciousness is the driving force and we are evolving towards a higher level of thought potential, whereby the human comes closer to its infinite origin and destiny.

In those lines, our planet was privileged to receive a Cosmic manual for the Golden Age and that is THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK.

This book carries unparalleled wisdom and insights on the ultimate secrets of existence, such as the creation of energy, matter, galaxies, living cells and the cosmic genetic engineering of the human race on Earth.

At the study meetings:

- We combine our thought potential to create a powerful magnetic field by collectively reading and individually deciphering high frequency knowledge.

- Through the entrainment of our brain to the frequencies of the book we are able to move closer to our evolutionary target, as well reflect these energies across the city, helping to neutralise negativity and also help elevate others by the reflections they receive.

This is one of a global network of such Cosmic Focal Points. We are a mixed group from different backgrounds, ages and life experience but we share one goal – to raise humanity in this way!

After the energy study we socialise over tea and healthy snacks.

If you would like to find out more information about this study we would be very happy to meet and talk about it in greater detail if needed.

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