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At the meetups, we will address practical questions like these: How do you start a real estate investing business? How can you manage it so it doesn't take over your life and become just like the job you're trying to escape? How do you scale your business so that you truly obtain wealth, freedom, and autonomy? In a time when the real estate market is near the end of one of its greatest bull runs of all time, you don't just need success stories and practical tips. You need accurate, real-time information about where the market is now and where it's heading. We are also going to feature regular check-ins with bankers, brokers, and economists who can explain what they're seeing in the markets and what they expect to happen next. That’s going to be valuable to you when you're making important decisions about whether to buy or sell - you’ll have the most up to date information possible.

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June Meetup - How to Raise Capital for Your Deals

Online event

September AIM Meetup - REAL DEAL CASE STUDY!

149 W 46th St

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