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I spent the majority of my life in the military, surrounded by brothers and sisters who were required to maintain peak physical fitness to perform our jobs. No matter what the challenge was, there was always a support network encouraging each other to perform our best and to be better each and every day. When I retired to civilian life that external support group and expectation disappeared. With those two huge motivators gone from my life, I started losing direction and started slumping into depression. That slump into depression resulted in gaining excessive weight and losing the desire to do anything. My weight and pants size went up, which caused as extremely embarrassing event. That’s when I came to the realization that something had to change. Fortunately, I had the support of my wife and a good friend, who was also in the military, who understood what I was going through and encouraged me to start working out again and move to a common goal. With this support, I found my internal motivation and drive and realized that sometimes people need external support groups. Now, I’m taking the camaraderie I learned from the military and bringing that to my civilian brothers and sisters with MAST. We are a social organization promoting multisport activities to people of all ages. Our members are diverse and excited to support and inspire each other to try new activities. We are a social group that will meet up at various activities in the area to provide water, cheer each other on, carry gear, and be there to support each other. If you want to join a group that is here that will support you and the activities you want to try, have fun socializing with people who are interested in the same, this MASTeam is for you. Annual membership can be found at

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Multisport and Adventure Support Team provides athletic support encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle and a spirit of cooperation while eliminating biases, prejudices, and discrimination in multisport and adventure races and activities. @infoMASTeam (

Our team is comprised of athletes who compete in many arenas of varying distances including triathlon, duathlon, adventure racing, trail running, swimming, and any other sport where we are fortunate to have encouragement and support personnel to assist us in achieving our personal fitness goals. We welcome all athletes -with varying ages and abilities - who would like to participate in sport, strive to achieve personal fitness goals, have fun in the process, and recognize those individuals who support them in the process. If you are participating in a race, training for one, looking for someone to work out with, or just need some general encouragement to remain motivated this is the place for you.

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