What we're about

This is a group dedicated to those who personally or is clinically identified with borderline personality disorder. We do not only talk about mental health, but also art, theatre, food, friendship, love… and life! Our regular meetings are strictly for people who identify with traits of borderline personality disorder. This is not a group for people/students/clinicians who are 'interested in knowing more about the disorder'. Carer givers and friends are also invited. This is NOT a therapy group (group nature is strictly that of a social group), but we aim to create a safe and non- judgemental platform for people to express our unique individualities. Thus some general guidelines: - We are entitled to our own opinions, but we also share the space and this may mean we cannot be fully ourselves at times. - Let's respect each other- suspend judgemental statements, be sensitive to each others' needs at best we can, and honour confidentiality. - Relationships are not always rainbow and roses. There may be times when people say something that makes you angry/ feel offended. Perhaps it would be a time for you to be assertive and defend your rights, or it may be wiser to let it go. But you are always welcome to speak with me afterwards, even just to 'off-load.' Finally, please do not push in ideas for meet up- places, restaurants, adventures.. We will see them as experiments and not hold you to the outcome of what you have suggested. Together we can do something, do get involved!

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