What we're about

This is a group of people who Loves to watch Horror movies. Horror movie is there preference, no matter of which language, people who loves to get scared while watching a movie. Horror a very special genre. By horror it does not mean only blood or ghosts, but a true horror movie which leave its mark in your mind and you will feel excited after watching the movie. E.g. movies like Dead Silence, Wolf creek, The Collector, Martyrs, Frontiers, Honeymoon, The Hills have eyes, The Conjuring, 1920, Shutter, A Serbian Film, Raaz, Mama, The Babadook etc. People who likes to watch only extreme horror movies. In this meetup group we can get together and see the latest Horror films in Cinemas, analyze horror movies and get to know our favorite movies in this genre. We can also have a private cinema room or hall booked where we can watch such movies. And for the Best horror movies we can arrange a meetups. Men/Women of any age can join the group who likes to watch a Horror movies. Even though Apple a day will not prevent u from being sick. but @Horror movie a day@ will make u intelligent :)

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