What we're about

Calling all free-thinkers, critical thinkers, curious souls and the like. In particular, people who follow the IDW (Intellectual Dark Web, as ominous as that sounds), and would love to discuss the ideas put forth by Mr.Eric Weinstein, Dr.Bret Weinstein, Dr.Steven Pinker, Dr.Jordan Peterson, Mr.Sam Harris etc.

This is a group for people who enjoy high resolution discussions, and are interested in what’s going on in the country and the world. No topic is off-limits – history, culture, democracy, science, technology, sustainability, media etc. A free-speech zone if you will. In an age of 280 characters worth of ‘discussions’, people who’d like to meet in person with a group of sounding boards that can together help better each other’s ideas and concepts through a free exchange of thoughts.

A nuanced discussion, a critical debate, an exchange of ideas, a broadening of perspectives, learning something new about the world, an opening of the mind – are all on the table.

The meetup is for uncensored intellectual discussion. A level of adultness is assumed in how one conducts themselves, even when debating passionately. Respectful disagreement would be much appreciated.

Past events (11)

Kashmir, India and the future

Woodside Inn

The future of India's polity

Woodside Inn

The future of the Indian polity

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Tribalism and Diversity

Café Coffee Day