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[Inspired by Paris Machine Learning]
Mumbai Machine Learning hosts meetup in conjunction with PyData Mumbai. Please consider joining PyData Mumbai on Meetup using this link http://meetu.ps/c/3grkM/vsKMT/d to stay updated on all upcoming events.

Interested in applications of Machine Learning algorithms in your favorite field ? Join us! We talk about making sense of data in very different fields: intelligent robotics, genomics, internet of things, sensors to name a few. We also talk about algorithms: HMM, Deep Neural Networks, Advanced Matrix Factorizations, randomized algorithms ... but also Kaggle competitions, NLP/text mining, Ad-auction, web mining, data visualization tools, quantitative investment, marketing analytics, ML Code development ...

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[PyData Mumbai] 2020 Meetup 1: Beginner Edition

91springboard Vikhroli

PyData Mumbai || Google : cloud study jam (Day 2)
PyData Mumbai || Google : cloud study jam (Day 4)

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