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Join this group if you are somehow interested in this relatively new sport. Are you an experienced padel player / trainer? Wanna give some (paid) padel training to others? Join the group! You already play tennis / squash and want to start playing padel? Join! We simply want to bring people together who are interested in this relatively new sport.

Padel is a mix between tennis and squash. It uses a small tennis court enclosed by walls (like squash). The balls are very similar to tennis balls, but a different racket is used (different from both tennis and sqwuash). Padel is quite a big sport in Spain, but it's still largely unknown in countries like Germany. In Germany (at least in Munich and around) it's an outdoor sport; the the courts are not covered.

The number of places where you can play padel around Munich is very limited; only 2 at the moment:

1. in Munich: 1 padel court ( https://allwetteranlage.de/sportscheck-padel-muenchen/ ).
2. in Geretsried (South of Munich): 2 padel courts ( https://www.facebook.com/Sportcenter.Hahn/ ).

A little about myself ;) I have played tennis most of my life. A couple of months ago I started playing padel and I absolutely love it! Since I live in Starnberg for me both Munich and Gerretsried are easily reachable. I would like to get some padel training myself to improve my play.

Some interesting links:

Website of Padel Club Munich: http://www.padelclubmuenchen.de
A video to get you excited: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIQOLmdkpx0...;

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