Past Meetup

Autonomous paraglider and tennis ball collection robots


Dear robotics enthusiasts,

many of you mentioned the possibility to exchange the experience and learn from like-minded enthusiasts as one of the reasons to join this group. I am really glad to announce, that at this meetup it would be possible to talk to real expert in robotics and person who share his knowledge with literally many thousands of curious people. If everything will work as planned, Dr. Jürgen Sturm ( will join us at upcoming meetup. Please visit this link ( and I hope you will understand and share my excitement!

This time meetup location and cattering will be sponsored by Zielpuls GmbH (

Great thanks to Zielplus ( folks and Sergey ( for that!

To put a focus for the meetup, I would like to suggest two topics. We can discuss related challenges and eventually build a teams to kick-start concrete projects. So here are the topics:

1. Dr. Jürgen Sturm ( will talk about his current research activitis and his MOOC on flying robots. (30 min.)

2. At one of the past meetups Karla ( was talking about her idea to build autonomous paraglider. It is really cool idea! We might think about possibilities to detect upstreams (based on acceleration, maybe they are visible with infrared camera, etc.) create map of them and plan the autonomous flight. Maybe such assisting device could be also useful for human paraglider pilots (for example, google-glasses showing upstreams in real-time or something like this)... So let's discuss it. (30 min)

3. (Optional, depending on available time and interest) As a hobby project, Andrey ( starts building the robot to autonomously collect tennis balls. There are a lot of open technical questions. In particular, we can discuss ideas and promising approches for single-camera-based visual localization (monocular odometry) and how to leverage known structure of the tennis court (lines, well visible upper side of the net, etc.) to implement robust camera-base navigation. (30 min.)

As usual, topics mentioned above are just a suggestion and you are very welcome to rise your own questions and discuss your ideas. Hope you will enjoy this meetup!

Best regards,