D's Gems: Ranges

This is a past event

24 people went


Ranges are composable and produce correct code by construction. Ranges offer simple definition and use, foster lazy computation without contortions, and offer interesting new opportunities. Come hear about the usage of ranges in DLang's standard library.


- Get together with Pizza and Beer

- Mario: Introduction to Ranges and its primitives on behalf of Input Ranges.

- Dragos: Further Details on Ranges based on all other Ranges and algorithm on them

- Seb: MOB Programming a Kata with D and Ranges to see how simple ranges are


Mario: Clean Code D-eveloper. Author of dunit (https://github.com/linkrope/dunit) and d2uml (https://github.com/funkwerk/d2uml).

Dragos: Fast Code D-eveloper. Author of asynchronous (https://github.com/dcarp/asynchronous)

Seb: GSOC D-eveloper. Author of mir.random (http://blog.mir.dlang.io/random/2016/08/19/intro-to-random-sampling.html)

We are looking forward to seeing you!