Munich Datageeks goes "Verein" (No Talks!)

This is a past event

27 people went

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Hi Datageeks,

since foundation of the Munich Datageeks Meetup back in May 2013, our community grew to over 1000 members, which is absolutely amazing! Florian Hartl and Miguel Cabrera really did a great job! After Florian moved to US in 2014, I took over his place and supported Miguel in organizing the meetups. Unfortunately, Miguel also left Munich last month.

This is why we decided to found a registered nonprofit association (German: eingetragener, gemeinnütziger Verein), which is responsible for organizing the future meetups. For the meetups itself, nothing will change!

We need at least seven members to found the association. Member of the association can become any legal person, which also includes companies. Also there will be some positions to fill and a chance for everybody to become part of the organization team of our future meetups.

As the procedure is a legal process, the documents and so forth will be in German, but we will try to speak English as much as possible.

Please note, this event is not a common meetup, there will be no talks and everybody needs to pay for food him/herself.

You will find the charter of the association which has already been confirmed by the “Finanzamt” here: Further, you will find the planned Agenda below.

I am really looking forward to see you and establish an association together with you, that drives data analysis and machine learning in Munich for the next years and helps people coming together to share their knowledge!

Thank you and kind regards,



1. Erläuterung der Satzung und Abstimmung darüber
2. Wahl einer Wahlleitung
3. Wahl der Vorstandsfunktionen und der Kassenprüfer
4. Abstimmung über die Beitragsordnung
5. Beschlüsse über Organisationsfragen
6. Aufgaben und Ziele des Vereins
a. Organisation des Munich Datageeks Meetups
b. Webseite
i. Job Vermittlung/Suche
ii. News
iii. Blog und Plattform für interessante Themen
iv. Verantwortung
c. Workshops
d. OneDay Meetup
i. Talks
ii. Live coding
iii. Wettbewerb
iv. Organisationsteam bestimmen
7. Sonstiges