Ultra-High Performance Haskell Programming

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Glad to announce our next Meetup! Our friends from High Performance Computing Stuttgart (http://www.hlrs.de/) agreed to give a couple of talks aboue their research on (Ultra) High Performance Haskell. Introduction to the Polca Programming Model: http://www.polca-project.eu (how to combine functional + imperative programming for achieving high scalability and performance in heterogeneous systems).

Clash: a compiler from Haskell to hardware. How you can "burn" your program into a FPGA chip). Clash is a modified Haskell, that can be compiled to VHDL (a hardware description language), basically it allows you to compile Haskell to hardware. VHDL can be later used to program FPGAs (chips with programmable gates) or to transistor logic if you send it to a semiconductor manufacturer. Haskell needs to be modified in some aspects as you cannot implement, for example, infinite lists inside a chip.

Questions & Discussions.