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Open Source Cassandra Hackathon
If you want to learn more about Apache Cassandra codebase and get some code committed into Cassandra, it's a right place for you to be. We'll organise a full-day hackathon and start with some Low-Hanging Fruit issues in Cassandra Jira ( You'll learn how to use CCM (Cassandra Cluster Manager), run Cassandra Distributed Tests, build Apache Cassandra from scratch and dig into the codebase. All patches will go through the normal Cassandra review process and, if everything works as expected, will get committed into Cassandra codebase. We'll prepare get some issues ready and will facilitate the hackathon by assisting and helping out with possible good ways to solve it. There will be presents! We're searching for a host, too: we'll need a room with electricity, tables and Wi-Fi, some snacks. In return, we're going to add you as a NoSQL Meetup page! We'll get a date and location announced as soon as we have one!

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    NoSQL enthusiasts, interested in a spectrum of databases and relatedtech, such as Cassandra, Riak, Couchbase, Redis, HBase, CouchDB,messaging systems, techniques and technologies evolving around storingand processing large amounts of data.

    If you're interested in NoSQL, and want to team up with otherenthusiasts, share knowledge, extend your knowledge, join us!

    This is a joint group of Cassandra UG and Riak UG. We're talking to other NoSQL User Groups to join efforts and make the meetups ever-greater!

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