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The big bad Gems presentation Marathon

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Our next meetup will be especially fun!

Every attendee has an option to hold a lightning talk (5 minutes) during the user group. If you absolutely can not (do not want) to give a talk, you can opt-out, just let us know. If you need any help, to select a gem, find enough information, prepare slides, test-drive the talk, or anything else talk-related let us know, we'll willingly help you out! Remember, it's just 5 minutes, and trust us - it will be just great!

Speaking publicly is always good for you. You can learn so many things while preparing for a (even for a short) talk. Talk delivery skills are also extremely important for professionals. Practicing it will bring you to absolutely new level of communication with your peers.

The Gem you are speaking about has to start with a alphabetic letter that is assigned to you (the speakers) randomly. The attendees of our last meetup already have one assigned.

If you don't have one yet ping us we will assign one to you.

Lets define some rules:

If your Gem is a lesser known Gem (less than 1million downloads on make a high level introduction to it. If you speak about a well known Gem like eg JSON 1.8.0 tell us about one particular interesting internal aspect (remember you have max 5min) If you want to make it easy for yourself and create your own Gem we expect you to explain to us the process of creating your own Gems. If you want to make it very easy for you and simply fork a Gem on Github you will have to make presentation about Git and Github and the process of forking ;-) OR
You will have to make a presentation about why and what exactly you have changed in your fork and why a pull request didn't cut the mustard. So we expect some serious meat here ;-) At the end of all the talks we will do a voting MSDRGPS (München sucht den Ruby Gems Presentation Superstar) and the top 3 speakers will get a RubyMine License (or Upgrade) sponsored by JetBrains.

Please send me the name of the Gem you will talk about until Monday, July 1st so we can put the list of speakers and topics on our website.

Send your actual presentation up until Monday, July 8th in PDF form or MP4 (if its some screen cast).

We will prepare all presentations on single computer so we do not waste time for connecting and disconnecting different hardware.

We absolute prefer presentations about lesser known Gems and internals of well known Gems. For the other categories we will only allow one presentation each (first come, first serve).

This might be a longer evening, therefore we will start our talks and our introduction round at 19:30. please be in time and we will make sure that pizza and beverages are there at 19:00.

Looking forward to this event

Alex & Robert