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Do you want to grow your business online and take your career as a digital marketer to the next level? You've come to the right place. In this group we will learn, collaborate and share the latest news, tools, knowledge and best practices in audience research, persona creation, customer acquisition, customer engagement, demand generation and conversion strategies.

We will have regular speakers on the latest trends and topics, as well as networking events. Come, and you shall have fun!

The Meetups will be in English, but all are welcome!

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Remote Work: How to Make It Work

Online event

☝️☝️☝️ Please register on Crowdcast to access the webinar https://www.crowdcast.io/e/make-remote-work---work?utm_campaign=Meetup ☝️☝️☝️ In the past few months, companies suddenly found themselves in the "brave new world" of remote collaboration and working from home. For many, this was a completely new experience: although unusual and exciting, but also exhausting and challenging at times. Some managers and executives have concerns about the asynchronous communication, having to adopt new tools, and perhaps losing visibility of the team performance, prefer to go back to the good old corporate offices Is remote work THE future of work? Companies like Twitter, BMW, Pinterest, SAP and Siemens think so: they have announced that remote work and working from home will become the new normal. What does it take to lead an efficient and effective company and teams at a distance? What role does trust play, and how do you create an atmosphere where trust can grow? Why is radical transparency important? In this online Meetup/webinar you will learn: 🚀 How to create successful virtual teams who work well together 🚀 How to enable cohesion in teams despite physical distance 🚀 How to measure goals and performance, and interpret results 🚀 What role does trust and transparency play 🚀 Why we need to fundamentally change how we think and work 🚀 What pitfalls and problems could arise, and what the solutions are About the Speaker Manuel started as a freelancer in software development in 2006 and founded the digital agency Bright Solutions in 2011. In his company, he has been consistently using remote employees since 2012 to strengthen his local team and since 2018 he has been working with globally operating virtual teams. With the foundation of Flash Hub, Manuel pursued from the very beginning the goal of making the working world as we know it, sustainable and accessible to other entrepreneurs: inside.

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