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JavaScript meetup

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Béla V.



• 19:00 Socializing, food, drinks

• 19:30 Welcome

• [30min] WebGL & WebVR (Martin Naumann (

• Break

• [30min] Building a desktop application with Electron (Kristian Poslek (

• [30min] Introduction to Meteor (Matyas Albert Nagy)

Food and location sponsored by TNG Technology Consulting GmbH (

WebGL & WebVR (Martin Naumann)

With WebGL we’re having the technology to broaden our understanding of the web as a collection of two dimensional pages.

And after a few examples on how to use the third dimension on the web, we will explore the next step “into” the web with WebVR.

Martin Naumann: Martin works as a software engineer at Archilogic in front- and backend.
He believes in the web platform and is working with bleeding edge technologies that will allow the web to prosper.

Building a desktop application with Electron ( (Kristian Poslek)

Seeing as how JavaScript opens up a wide array of development possibilities, the goal of this talk is to give an introduction to developing desktop applications purely with JavaScript.

For that purpose, we’ll be diving deep into Electron to learn the basic concepts, explore Electron’s API and see how to get an applications out to end users.

Kristian Poslek: I’ve been working on front-end related issues my whole career (about 6 years now) while also doing back-end depending on the company I’ve worked for (.NET MVC and Ruby on Rails).
I’ve chosen JavaScript (with its accompanying front-end technologies) because that ecosystem is an exciting, and sometimes hard to follow, field to be in. Watching it mature and being part of that process feels just right.
I’m originally from Zagreb (Croatia) and I’ve moved to Munich in January to work as a consultant at comSysto and loving it.

Introduction to Meteor (Matyas Albert Nagy)

I will present the Meteor framework / stack & also a small demo, underlining key strengths and what is possible.

Matyas Albert Nagy: I am currently working as a meteor software developer, my key strenghts being javascript related frameworks (back & frontend). In my past have done Java (Spring / JEE) and Flex.

More information:
TNG Technology Consulting GmbH
Betastrasse 13a · Unterföhring
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