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Surveillance (Property/Home) - Security Cameras ++ *FREE*

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Surveillance and Security Workshop now has a date and guest speaker.

Come with your specific as well as general questions regarding security for your homes and properties.

This workshop will be piggy-backed with the Gasification workshop hosted by "Selph Relianz". #mce_temp_url# (

This workshop is free and so is the gasification workshop that follows. It will be an afternoon-evening co-event.

We now have a working outdoor bathroom ..yeah! And we will provide water and coffee but feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks as well.

Security & Surveillance Systems

Protect your family, property and assets with a security camera surveillance system.

Surveillance is the global term that describes the monitoring of people, places, and things. Although surveillance is a very broad term, it is usually done through technology devices like security cameras or a surveillance system. Installing a surveillance system at the home or business has grown in popularity. Most people feel more secure and confident that their assets are protected if a surveillance system is in place supporting the 24/7 monitoring. A surveillance system can range from a low cost simple system to a big dollar high-tech system. Today, there are numerous different types of surveillance systems and components available to support any budget or project type.

Learn the basics:

- How to choose the right camera for a particular application

- How to choose the correct lens (varifocal or megapixel)

- Digital video recorder systems (DVRs)

- Remote access through your smartphone device

- CCTV monitor systems and CCTV cables

Join Erik Johnson, from Cabling Plus, as he simplifies the maze of technology in security camera and surveillance systems.

Use a surveillance system to protect the things that are most important to you!

About our Expert Speaker:

Mr. Johnson leads from a position of experience in electronics system integration. His Electronics Engineering and Systems Integration work goes back to Air Force Titan II Missile Guidance and Launch Systems [masked]), Sperry 1100/Burroughs 3400 systems database management support [masked]), and AWACS Aircraft Control Systems operation and Boeing new system integration test team support [masked]). Leaving a 12-year Air Force Career, Mr. Johnson added the networked systems sales and support branch to “Management Services,” his family run data processing, bookkeeping and tax preparation company. As the company grew and the computer, telecommunications and security industries converged, Mr. Johnson Incorporated and added structured cable, telecommunications, and security systems divisions surrounding himself with managers in these industries. Bachelor's degree in Electronic Systems Integration.

Johnson's Computer & Telecom Integration has been in business in the Inland Empire since 1992, incorporating in 2002. In 2003, JCTI expanded sales of computer based security monitoring alarms and Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems.

Johnson's Computer and Telecom Integration

Mike Johnson, (909)[masked]