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Did you know that your body has its own built-in Lie Detector? …yes/no …true/false …Muscle testing, also called Applied kinesiology (AK), is a technique used in alternative medicine which identifies illness or helps determine how to remedy it by measuring for strength and weakness. When one first witnesses this technique it may be hard to believe, but now that so many practitioners are using it, it is fast becoming commonplace. Those who use the technique are often chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, physicians, nurses, physical therapists, or veterinarians.

Modern medicine is often good at diagnosis... but what if you simply don't want to spend the time, energy, or money to run to the doctor to have them test every little thing as it happens? This is your chance to be empowered, for your health and your family. The mission of this Meetup is to gather a group of like-minded people and families networking and striving to learn and share knowledge and resources to become more self-reliant regarding our own wellness, because the more you know the less you need. Further, there is a certain pride and peace of mind in being able to fully take care of one self and family.

Formal training classes will be posted for new people wanting to learn the techniques, which are rare opportunities to learn these techniques typically coveted by alternative practitioners.

Otherwise, this meetup has actually truly been created in order help members practice their Muscle Testing skills once they’ve learned the techniques from a class. Practitioners get plenty of practice, but what about the rest of us? Meetups will be posted to practice on each other to hone the skills and/or continue to help ourselves get well. These techniques are the epitome of self-reliance and taking charge of our own health once and for all.

Contrary to what is posted on our meetup home page, we’re rarely 'based' in Birmingham. (Birmingham was selected because it is central to the metro area.) In fact, our meetups could be anywhere. Do you want to practice Muscle Testing near you? Then suggest a location to us.

Responsibilities of Membership: By joining our meetup group you accept full Responsibility for your own actions, or lack of actions, as the case may be. We reserve the right to decline or remove anyone from membership for any reason. We are a public outreach meetup related to healthcare self-reliance. It is up to each of us as responsible self-reliant adults to encourage and help each other build our community. The meetups are intended to learn new skills, or brush up on old ones. Disclaimers: Each member assumes full responsibility for deciding if each skill presenter or member meets their own standards of people they deem fit to teach them the skills. All meetups posted are for educational and skill building purposes only. The techniques presented or practiced have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The organizer of this meetup is objective and not affiliated with any Muscle Testing classes. The organizer pays meetup $180 yearly from her own pocket and she plans to continue to do so as long as it is appreciated. Contributions are gratefully accepted though not expected. Questions? call Chriss at 248 330-6428/cell

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Muscle Testing class

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