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DMNS "60 Minutes in Space" after LED Lights walk in City Park
Before our visit to the free "60 Minutes in Space" presentation in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science ( (, we invite you to enjoy a free 1-hour LED Lights walk, for our Urban Forest Science Edutainment walk, around Ferril Lake in City Park, for ages 3 to 93. We'll be exploring our connections with the living energy economy of our urban forest soil. We'll compare the crash, and the revival of soil's living energy economy, during the time of scientist George Washington Carver. Below is YouTube video link introducing the concept of free Urban Forest Science Edutainment Walks. After our walk, we'll visit the free "60 Minutes in Space" presentation, in the planetarium of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science ( ( For those night owls, who'd like some late evening snack and chat time, after our walk and museum events, we'll be going to Village Inn (,-104.9401645,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xe60dfab5320c333a) for Village Inn's free pie Wednesday (or just pass your pie along to someone else, and have a hot tea). It's located at 4100 E Mexico Ave., Denver, CO 80222 ~ just North of I-25 at Colorado Blvd. and Mexico Ave. ~ The Free Pie ("Pie Rush Wednesdays") is available between 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM, every Wednesday. There's plenty of time to get to the Village Inn after the Planetarium. Or skip eating, and simply enjoy the conversations. WHERE TO MEET FOR THE WALK: 5:30 PM (Starting Point - no later) meet Fran, Richard and TTWalks' mascot TTW Frog, on the northwest outside corner of the DMNS by the Snowmastodon Statue facing the lake and the mountains. FOR "60 MINUTES IN SPACE" After the walk, beginning about 6:30 PM, we will be lining up to attend the first-come-first-serve 7:00 PM starting time of the FREE "60 Minutes in Space" presentation in the planetarium. When you're inside the planetarium, you could find Richard and Fran sitting in the 2nd row of the planetarium (or wherever auditorium the audience may be redirected to, in case of crowds being too large). We'd love it, if you could stop by to say "Hello" and have a chance to meet everyone. The DMNS after-hours entrance is usually open on the west side's glass walled-entrance, except during special events. Whenever this entrance is closed, enter through the guard station's door just east of the main entrance doors on the north side of the DMNS facing the parking lot. You can watch a video of each of the monthly "60 Minutes in Space" presentations online by going to the DMNS's website at

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Each Museum Muser member has the opportunity to POST AND HOST their favorite museum visit.

This group's primary sponsor has been , encouraging members to collaborate with the ( s ( group to post museum visits that include a TTWalks urban park walking conversations before, during or after a museum visit.

We had a very meaningful and successful collaborative 2017 free scheduled October 25, 2017 (, walking conversation on the interdisciplinary topic of "Climate, Forests, and Water - Living Energy Relationships." This 1-hour walk was scheduled before we visited the free "60 Minutes in Space" presentation in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This walk inspired our collaborative YouTube video posted below on "Urban Forest Science Edutainment Walks." Our co-hosting collaborators for this special October 2017 walk were Roya Brown, with the Cooperative Community Schools (CCS ( and Bridget Walsh, with the City Park Friends and Neighbors (CPFAN (

My husband Richard and I (Fran Rew) were the coordinating co-hosts for this 2017 October walk. Richard is a retired electrical engineer. For the past 7 years, Richard has continued to volunteer, to lead the hands-on interactive science edutainment Smart Cart, during the Cockpit Demo Days, at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. Using my broad-based science, art, and clerical experience, I've discovered that I absolutely love and enjoy volunteering to assist Richard as a science edutainer over my past 4 years at the Wings.

Our 2017 walk and video inspired Richard and I to commit to volunteering to co-host monthly 2018 "Urban Forest Science Edutainment Walks." We may be the first co-hosts to make this commitment, but we won't the last.

In 2018, our monthly DMNS Denver City Park walks will focus on the comparative history, science, and human stories, of the Denver urban forest soil's "Living Energy Economy." We'll share historical stories about how soil's living energy economy has influenced co-creative possibilities. Just as at the Wings museum, our format is for ages 3 to 93, our walk format will also be for ages 3 to 93. Our TTWalks mascot, TTW Frog, will be helping us to explore in our urban forest, through hands-on interactive science. We'll begin by exploring the comparison of early 1900s Denver stories with the stories of that period in time when George Washington Carver inspired a revival of the Living Energy Economy of the soil in the state of Alabama. We'll take our time exploring stories during this time in history, by spreading these stories out over 3 monthly walks - November 29, 2017, January 24 and February 28, 2018.

These walks are free. Some, but not all, of our museum visits are free. Although we do NOT accept donations, for this Museum Muser group, we definitely do need, and will accept your comments and your encouragement. If you would like to see more "Urban Forest Science Edutainment Walks," please feel free to "Like" our YouTube "Urban Forest Science Edutainment Walks / Denver, Colorado," subscribe, and comment.

Thank you so very much for sharing your interest in museums, and in museum-related walks, by becoming Museum Muser members.

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