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"I have been picking tree mushrooms for the past 50 years. My parents would take us out for a family day searching the maple-treed back roads of New England for Oyster Mushrooms. Over the years I've expanded my search to Clustered Coral, Hen of the Woods and Chicken Mushrooms.

"This Meetup group is for the mushroom lover that wants to expand their edible fungi repertoire, go out for a mushroom hunt or two, exchange photos of prized catches, and maybe cook up a tasty dish for a group gathering.

"I would like learn how to grow mushrooms from spores so I wouldn't have to travel hundreds of miles, tracking down these hard to find morsels.

"If any or all of this gets your mouth watering...join our group and let's start the mushroom rolling!"

Statement by MLUSA Founder, Rick P.

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